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All our machines tools C.N.C. they are part of a computer net that assures the volume of information.

We carry out high speed of automated of up to 6 m / minute with near errors at the 0.

We possess CAD-CAM for years with maintenance service (advice and version upgrades)
Our team allows that from any part of our world client he/she sends us by mail a solid electronic and in few hours you begins to mechanize.

The work of scale models or pieces in three dimensions 3D by means of a solid, it allows our clients to save in time and money.
Our experience goes us opening up in route to new types of clients because we have been able to carry out models 3D in the most productive way.
We make real in little time the digital prototype that the engineer designs.

To build a physical model and to be able to carry out the tests and tests that are required before to inject or to fuse the definitive piece to a reasonable cost, is ours made and the perfect excuse to continue working in this field.
The INVERSE technology also allows that we arrive digital models at our shops for its mechanization in three or four axes if it was necessary.

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