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Engagements Ebro was founded in 1962. In their origins, as their own name it indicates, their biggest activity was related with the engagements.


Gradually we went evolving toward to the automated one in general and for chip outburst; always maintaining our approach as for agility, quality and adaptation to the new technologies in automated and mechanization CAD CAM 3D.


We are TAILORS of the mechanization. We adapt to our clients as for special works of unique pieces or series. The client demands and we work for her realization.

Pol. Cogullada, C/ Tomás Edison, Agrupación Nido, naves 3 - 5 - Telf: 976 47 08 65 - Fax: 976 47 34 69 - 50014 Zaragoza ( España )

Engranajes Ebro. www.engranajesebro.com